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Thanks Edwin P. hope your father likes the soap also, Your Jeep looks great
Another satisfied customer Maxime C. I am pleased you prefer “A” over other brands

“I was impressed over this soap. Feels like a conditioner against the paintwork ” Thank you mr Ruben D for your feedback much appreciated and awesome car!

What to use to wash your car ? Well i am not going to tell you that this is the best and this is the worst, but i have used many types of product’s to wash my cars. Back in the days when i went through cars like candy lol i really didn’t care what i washed my car with. Then i grew up a bit bought a semi valuable car to me and that’s where it started for me. I went to the local automotive supplies retailer store and purchased a bucket full of goodies such as a sponge , car wash soap , Armor All , degreaser. Basically everything you need to clean your car up shy of some rags. I can’t say anything bad about the product s but they did there job as intended. “Time keeps on ticking into the future” and i had finally bought my very first brand new car and out comes all the products and i don’t know if you guys & gals have noticed but a brand new car is all nice and shiney and no scratches. I had purchased a black car and now i m really in the bucket of @#$% because if any of you have owned or know somebody with a black car that little scratches show up immediately. I was aware of this before but not to the extent i am today, so i have tried …

-Sponges (artificial kinds) which work great in holding soapy water and cover a big area but one thing i noticed was i got minor scratches from impurities on the paint .

-Wash Mitten’s i have tried those one’s that look like little dred’s made of microfiber materials and fluffy furry looking ones which i find to be the best out of the bunch but that’s just my preference. The only downfall i find to these mit’s are that you have to apply pressure like the sponges and just contact the contact alone creates scratches

-Brushes i find these work the best as long as the are very fine bristles but they still tend to leave minute scratches.

It seem like there’s nothing you can do to avoid scratching your car but don’t let this discourage you because it comes down to if there’s a lot debris in the air or what not. Pressure washers are readily available these days and most cities have do it yourself car washes for next to nothing which is what i recommend but most frown upon people bringing their own car wash soap and hogging the wash bay. But i still like hand washing my car because i get too clean everywhere not feeling rushed by people waiting to use the wash bay or by touchless car washes that don’t clean under the mouldings.


This is not my review but explains in good detail the polisher pluses and minuses