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Cheap vs Expensive products

30 march 2019

These days everything you buy comes in different qualities for instance , A bagel ! you can get them fresh made from a very famous place here in the parc extension region for a good part of a dollar , On the other hand the local supermarket sells them for the lesser part of a buck. Why is that ? well if you want ceramic or 4k or diamond coat or… most of the time you get what you get what you pay for . I’m not saying the cheaper quality doesn’t work but there has to be some give somewhere. Most of the time it’s longevity the length of time the product works for. Guys wonder how come that detailer has more clients than me but yet he charges so much more . To me there’s many different variables to put into the equation , i have seen people get better results with low end products because they were used the way they were designed. there’s a ten thousand dollar detail out there and man i am glad i do not have to do it because that is some intensive work!!! peace

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