Wash & Carnauba Wax

Wash and wax with carnauba is where its at , Gently cleans your car not stripping previous wax and adds an extra coat of carnauba for that little bit of extra elegance. “A” is biodegradable making it that much more eco friendly.



At the moment we only offer wash & wax soap with carnauba with a 30 day money back guarantee (-shipping fees), But there are other products on the way. Look forward to seeing a mag and paint decontamination cleaner called X , and a HD Wax called W. The Hd wax is an extraordinary wax that will leave your car with a super glossy shine and has minimal white build up on trim. Now W can be applied by either caressing or being agitated with a polisher( I would recommend the first application to be done with a buffer). Everything will have an option of coming in a kit and no i won’t be sending stuff u dont need like buckets. I am all about an affordable showroom shine.

All multiple orders can be combined for maximum savings on shipping and we will credit any difference in the cost. or email me and I can work out a invoice for special orders

WW-A500ml : $ 3.99 cad
+8.50 cad shipping and handling worldwide

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CE-006DA Chicago Electric DA 6″ Heavy Duty Polisher $ 159.95 cad

Limited Stock !!!! Free shipping

Scent Buster extreme Cherry

Extreme Cherry eliminates odors from smoke to pet scents and leaves your car reinvigorated , Lasts up to 10 days commercial grade. This is not apc or any type of cleaner 150 ml trial size – $3.45cad + shipping & handling $ 4.50 cad

Depending on where you live claying your car once a year is suffice . 1 car one time use this is perfect can use with clay lube or “A” diluted 4.99 plus shipping 3.99 shipping

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What is the point of washing your car

Air dry why and why not

sponge, Microfiber mitt, Bristle brush

hand wash or Snow foam

nano technologies and Synthectic waxes

Wheels and trim

aesthetics and Pride

xtra protection

I need some feedback from you folk, What type of products are you using ?

How do you care for your car ? I would like to hear how or what steps you take to show your ride some luv. I am curious to as how far some of you may go to keep your whip rocking like a diamond.


Montreal Quebec Canada

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Coming soon video reviews on “A” Wash & Wax , Claying my car, Cleaner sealer wax